WM - Wi-Fi Monitoring Module

WM module

The Wi-Fi Monitoring module puts your airport interface in monitoring mode and listens to all 802.11 radio frames around.

It currently shows you:

  • Access Points radio details in your radio range

  • Wi-Fi clients radio details in your radio range

  • Informations on clients association (useful to detect roaming or when multiple AP with same SSID)

  • Bidirectional infos for each client connection: from AP to client and client to AP

    • Data Rate
    • %Retries
    • %Errors
    • Bytes transferred
    • Channels stats
    • Power signal in dBm

For those asking, WM module can’t decrypt encrypted packets of other Wi-Fi networks.

Differences with NA module

Starting WM module sets your Mac Wi-Fi interface in monitoring mode. (which is different than promiscuous, see this article)

Monitoring mode has the following consequences:

  • Your Wi-Fi interface will be directly disconnected
  • You will loose all network connectivity
  • You see all radio packets, even the Wi-Fi packets of your neighbor (encrypted or not)
  • WM module doesn’t care if packets are encrypted: it shows you radio statistics, not content analysis